About Us, John & Susan Howell
Kansas Traveler and "Kansas on the Net" (KOTN) resulted from our love of Kansas, our experience with computers and the newspaper business, and our special interests in history and art. 
John Howell Susan Howell
John is the historian, Susan is the artist/photographer.  We have been college teachers, worked for small and large companies, have been computer professionals and are avid Kansas travelers.
We moved to Kansas (Wichita) in 1979 to work for what was then NCR.  We bought our house in 1980 and put down roots.  After working for corporate America (NCR, Boeing, The Wichita Eagle) for 15 years we began to investigate parts of Kansas outside Wichita.  What a wonderful surprise that was!
Thus began "Kansas on the Net"--a way for us to record what we were seeing in Kansas and to tell our friends.  All our website work about Kansas can now be found by starting at the KOTN page.
From September, 1997, through March, 2000, we concentrated on developing websites for Kansas communities and holding workshops to prepare people to take over ownership of their websites.  This was funded by the Boeing Corporation and the Kansas State Library.
It was during this time we discovered the Kansas Sampler Foundation and the Kansas Explorers Club--and we became Explorers #549!  That alone expanded our Kansas horizons 10-fold.
On April 1, 2000, we returned to primarily commercial work, continuing to develop community websites, as well as sites for many other groups and businesses.  Almost all of our work is within Kansas, for Kansans.
In January, 2004, the dream to develop a printed publication took root.  Susan's work at the Wichita Eagle (for 15 years) prompted this extension of "Kansas on the Net" to include Kansas Traveler, a quarterly newspaper tab.
After publishing Kansas Traveler for six years, we decided to retire. The fall 2009 issue was our last issue.

Our Family

Rob, our son
 Rob Howell
Zeta, the cat, co-ruler over the Howell domain
Zeta Howell
Kappa, who adopted in Luray in April, 2006
Kappa Howell
Our closest family members are Rob, our son, and the two rulers of our household, Zeta and Kappa who adopted us in Luray in April 2006.
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